Zone35 strives to make this website free of barriers according to the German BITV-standard. This statement is from the 28.04.2023.

Which areas are not free of barriers?

This website largely conforms to the BITV und WCAG 2.1 standards. Areas that are not free of barriers are as follows:

Booking of appointments:

Booking an appointment while not logged in reserves that appointment for a limited period of time until the log-in or registration is complete. The user has a limited period of time to finish the log-in or registration process and that period cannot be extended which does not conform with BITV First logging in and then booking an appointment circumvents this restriction.

Background images:

Background images are embedded using the <style>-tag which does not conform to html-syntax and thus does not conform with BITV It is not to be expected to have a negative influence on the usage of this website since background images as decorative elements get an empty alt-text according to BITV


The chat is not free of barriers.


The video is not free of barriers.


Problems with screen readers can occur with the interactive map if you use the Firefox browser. With the screen reader NVDA, this problem can be avoided if you switch to form mode with Ins + Spacebar, then the links on the map are read out properly.


What help is offered?

Contrast switch:

The contrast switch converts the orange secondary color to the dark blue primary color.